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Hair Transplant Surgery is Very Personal.

The relationship between Dr. Grant Koher and each one of his patients is a very personal one. Each patient is treated as a unique individual, with uniquely individual needs, desires, and goals.

Doctor Koher personally conducts each consultation, and performs each hair transplant procedure in an unhurried manner, one at a time, with no other distractions. The results have been extremely high patient satisfaction and an reputation for excellence among his peers.

We try very hard to match the realistic expectations of our patients with what we can actually achieve. Before any surgery is ever scheduled, Dr. Koher always makes certain that a strong sense of mutual trust exists between himself and the patient.

Everything we do Ė the time and care with which we approach each procedure at our office Ė is geared toward creating a natural result that is both priceless and timeless.

Dr. Grant F. Koher has held board certifications in:

  • Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Laser Surgery

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Family Practice

Currently, he is Certified by the American and International Board of Hair Transplant Restoration Surgery, a title that fewer than 100 physicians in the United States hold. In addition, he was in the first class certified by this American Board and has been certified longer than any other physician in the state. Dr. Koher has attended every educational meeting held by this group since it was founded.

Dr. Koher graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1982. He then completed his internship at Metro Health Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. He is a resident of the Triangle, North Carolina.


Restore A Great Looking Head of Hair.

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Hair Transplantation is a simple, outpatient procedure.  If you are considering Hair Transplant Surgery, you owe it to yourself to meet with Dr. Grant Koher.

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Dr. Koher is also a member of:

  • The American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

  • The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

  • The American Hair Loss Council

  • The International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgery

Dr. Koher stresses that the goal of hair transplantation has changed over the years. When it was first developed, the goal was coverage at any cost. This created the pluggy look that has such an unnatural appearance.  At the time, patients were satisfied just to have hair covering their balding areas, regardless of the total look.

How Will A Hair Transplant Look On Me?

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For each patient that presents to us for hair transplantation, our goal is to try and achieve as much naturalness and density as possible. Everything we do is geared toward creating a natural looking result.

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Today, the techniques and technology has been refined to a low the physician to create naturalness in restored hair. Coverage of hair-loss areas is still a basic principle of hair transplantation, but naturalness is the new guiding philosophy. What naturalness means to Dr. Koher is the development of a look that provides the aesthetic balance that expresses a clientís individuality. Even though this look is not a hair-for-hair replacement of lost hair, it restores the natural pattern of hair growth, frames the face and makes hair once again a part of a clientís overall appearance rather than a distraction that makes hair loss the most noticeable feature.

Dr. Koher plans hair restoration around the pattern of natural hair growth and natural hair-loss patterns. There is no ďone size fits allĒ approach to aesthetically successful hair restoration--every person is an individual whose hair restoration must be individualized to that personís needs, wishes, age and ethnicity.

When you arrange a free, private consultation, you will not only receive answers to your questions about the technical aspects of hair transplantation, but will receive just as much information on the aesthetical aspects.



Seeing is Believing!

We invite you to schedule your free, confidential hair loss restoration consultation today. Your private consultation will be conducted in a professional, no-pressure atmosphere, and without obligation of any kind. We are here to help you.

During this consultation, we can determine if you are a candidate for hair transplantation or if you will benefit from a hair loss prevention treatment program. We will discuss your specific goals for your appearance, review your hair loss classification, and explain the various levels that can be achieved with our hair transplantation procedures.

JUST CLICK HERE to schedule your free, confidential hair loss evaluation and consultation today. Or call us at (800) 222-9806. After all, seeing really is believing.

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