Exosome Hair Regeneration Therapy




Exosomes are extracellular vesicles that are produced by stem cells. They are isolated from donated human stem cells which are then purified through proprietary processing. Exosomes are involved in cell communication which means other cells react to the messaging signals. They have numerous growth factors and are easily transported through the bloodstream, carrying proteins across barriers.

Exosome Therapy for Hair Restoration

Exosomes are donated from the United States and donors are required to go through a screening process. Exosomes can be injected into the scalp, similar to that of PRP treatments. Exosomes can extend the growth cycle of hair; Hair follicles stuck in the telogen phase (resting phase) convert to the anagen (growth phase) and prolong the cycle of such. Exosomes target a person’s existing stem cells in their scalp whereas other existing methods simply stimulate tissue repair in the scalp.

Clinical results have shown efficiency for when exosome therapy is utilized for early stages of hair loss in men and women. Studies have shown sufficient results in restoring hair for conditions of female and male pattern baldness, as well as alopecia areata. Exosomes Therapy not only promotes new growth but can also thicken existing hair.

Advantages of Exosome Hair Restoration Therapy

  1. Non-Invasive: Often recommended in conjunction with other therapeutic treatments such as minoxidil, finasteride, low level laser therapy, and other treatments. There is no need for incisions or sutures, making it a comfortable option for patients in terms of promoting new hair growth.
  2. Natural and Biocompatible: Exosomes are derived from human stem cells and purified.
  3. Stimulates Hair Follicle Growth: Exosomes promote the growth of hair follicles by delivering growth factors and proteins to the cells in the scalp. This stimulation can lead to increased hair thickness and density.
  4. Improves Hair Quality: Exosomes can improve the overall quality of the hair by strengthening the hair shafts, reducing breakage, and enhancing hair texture and shine.
  5. Anti-inflammatory: Exosomes contain anti-inflammatory molecules that reduce inflammation in the scalp. Inflammation can contribute to hair loss.

How long does it take to see the results?

Results can often be seen in as little as three months, but the hair may continue to grow up to a year as the exosomes are capable of surviving in the human body for up to 8 months, which means the treatment can be permanent depending on an individual’s follicular response to the treatment.

How long to wait until the next treatment?

Treatments are unique to each individual, but most people are treated bi-annually or annually.

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