PRP Hair TherapyThe doldrums of winter will soon be upon us, but with a little extra care, your hair can remain as healthy and great-looking as ever–whether it’s natural growth hair or a custom human hair addition.

1. DON’T FORGET TO DEEP CONDITION YOUR HAIR REGULARLY. To keep static electricity at bay, deep condition your hair to keep it smooth and moisturized. We can recommend several products, but Redken Smooth Down Butter is one of our favorites.

2. DON’T RUB YOUR HAIR DRY. Pat it dry instead. Rubbing your hair dry with a towel can cause damage when your hair is at it’s most delicate state. It’s best to pat it dry or let it dry on its own, especially hair additions. Hair additions can require an especially gentle touch to avoid pulling the hair from the base.

3. DON’T BLOWDRY IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO. An ionic hair dryer is a great investment if blow-drying your hair is a must for your hectic lifestyle. This type dryer will dry your hair faster with less damage, less frizz and more shine as it flattens and tightens the hair cuticle simutaneously. Additionally, the use of leave-in conditioners like It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In and Healthy Sexy Hair Frizz Eliminator will help strengthen hair when using blow dryers.

4. DON’T IGNORE DANDRUFF. Dandruff is a problem any time, but seems to be worse during winter. We find doctors recommend Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It’s not only effective, but cost efficient. A healthy scalp will be more comfortable when wearing a hair addition.

5. DON’T SETTLE FOR STATIC. Avoid items that generate static electricity within your body like wool. It helps to brush your hair with wooden combs or brushes to reduce the static. And the more your hair is moisturized, the less you’ll suffer from static!

Remembering these tips should help your hair look it’s best despite what the winter weather may bring!

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