Hair Transplant Surgery for Men

Hair Transplant Surgery for Men - Raleigh, North CarolinaYour Own Hair… Growing in Previously Thinning or Balding Areas

If this is your goal, then hair restoration surgery may be the best solution for your hair loss. Hair transplants are 99% reliable in resulting in natural, permanent hair growth in areas previously without hair and results are equally reliable for men and women and for all ethnic groups.

Jernigan’s has performed more hair transplants than anyone in Eastern North Carolina, and they continue to do so with Dr. Grant Koher, the same Board Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon that has been pleasing clients for over twenty-two years. Jernigan’s has many repeat clients and many referrals from clients. Before you decide on transplant surgery you can talk with satisfied clients that have had their transplants done at Jernigan’s. Learn first hand what to expect. Learn if you are a candidate for hair restoration surgery and exactly what it will cost.

Good planning of the initial round of hair transplantation is especially critical. The skilled and experienced transplant surgeon takes into account how well hair restoration will hold up with the passage of time. Included in Dr. Koher’s assessment is the likelihood of the need for future transplantation sessions to keep pace with progressive hair loss. A good surgeon looks at a client with an eye for a lifelong plan to not only restore hair today, but to maintain the restoration throughout the client’s lifetime. Hair transplant works very effectively for restoring lost eyebrows as well.

What Does Hair Restoration Surgery Involve?

Hair restoration transplant surgery is done under local anesthetic on an outpatient basis. A routine panel of standard tests is required prior to the procedure. The procedure is done in one day. The amount of grafts dictates the amount of time needed. Lunch is served and clients usually watch a movie of their choice during the procedure. Afterwards, they are usually able to drive themselves home. Follow-up care is thoroughly explained and Dr. Koher and the Staff is available twenty-four hours a day after surgery to answer questions.

As an added benefit to having the surgery done at Jernigan’s, several post-op laser treatments are included in the cost of surgery. The treatments are provided to decrease or eliminate the dormancy state that the transplanted grafts go through after transplantation thereby resulting in more hair sooner. The existing hair will also benefit from the increased blood flow to the scalp and grow healthier. Jernigan’s is one of the few transplantation clinics in the country to include these treatments in the cost of surgery.

Seeing is Believing

We invite you to schedule your free, confidential hair loss restoration consultation today. Your private consultation will be conducted in a professional, no-pressure atmosphere, and without obligation of any kind. We are here to help you.

During this consultation, we can determine if you are a candidate for hair transplantation or if you will benefit from a hair loss prevention treatment program. We will discuss your specific goals for your appearance, review your hair loss classification, and explain the various levels that can be achieved with our hair transplantation procedures.

JUST CLICK HERE to schedule your free, confidential hair loss evaluation and consultation today. Or call us at (800) 222-9806. After all, seeing really is believing.

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