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Women's non-surgical hair systems hairpieces Raleigh NCIntroducing Reallusions Hair Replacement for Women. Reallusions is a woman’s hair replacement system that virtually becomes a part of you, in attaining a perfect natural result.

The Reallusions custom hair replacement system is designed especially for women who are experiencing female hair loss, thinning hair or who are suffering from Alopecia Areata or other forms of medical hair loss. Not a wig or a hair piece, Reallusions offers a significant increase in overall hair density and volume, giving you just the amoutn of added hair you need or desire, beautifully and naturally.

A Reallusions hair integration is not a wig, hairpiece or hair extension; nor is it a surgical attachment. With hair integration, we never hide, cut or inhibit the growth of your own hair in any way. Your Reallusions hair integration is lightweight, secure and and can be styled in any way you desire. Best of all, it stands up to a busy, active lifestyle and is completely natural and undetectable.

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Your Hair. Your Style. Your Way.

Unlike chemicals or surgery, Reallusions guarantees a significant increase in hair density and volume. Reallusions is the perfect non-surgical hair replacement system for busy women on the go. And Reallusions hair replacement solutions are available exclusively in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area at Jernigan’s Hair Replacement Clinic.

Reallusions’ capability to replace hair in any area of the scalp, and recreate a totally natural frontal hairline, makes it ideal for women suffering from various forms of alopecia including Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and even women suffering from Trichotillomania and other forms of medical hair loss.

So why think about the hair you’ve lost when you can think about the hair you can have? Jernigan’s talented staff will cut and style your new hair to your specific style and taste, creating an amazing new look or giving you back the comfortable, familiar style you’ve always had.  We also offer total custom hair design, including color as well as the very latest in hair fashions and trends.

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Women - Raleigh NC

Inspiration for the Senses

Reallusions® hair replacement for women suffering from thinning hair and hair loss is truly a breakthrough of monumental proportion, proving extremely effective in the treatment of inherited hair loss as well as hair loss due to factors such as accidents medical treatment or systemic disorders.

However, not everyone who suffers from hair loss is a viable candidate. Approximately 65% of the population are candidates. Candidacy can only be determined by a free, confidential 30-minute diagnostic evaluation performed at our Raleigh, North Carolina clinic.

Now you can say goodbye to hair loss anxiety because eliminating female hair loss and thinning hair has never been easier with the Reallusions hair replacement system by Transitions International.

Seeing is Believing

We invite you to schedule your free, confidential hair loss restoration consultation today. Your private consultation will be conducted in a professional, no-pressure atmosphere, and without obligation of any kind. We are here to help you.

During this consultation, we can determine if you are a candidate for hair transplantation or if you will benefit from a hair loss prevention treatment program. We will discuss your specific goals for your appearance, review your hair loss classification, and explain the various levels that can be achieved with our hair transplantation procedures.

JUST CLICK HERE to schedule your free, confidential hair loss evaluation and consultation today. Or call us at (919) 787-2401. After all, seeing really is believing.

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Are you tired of hair loss controlling your life? Meet privately with a trained Jernigan’s Raleigh hair loss professional who personally will work to address all your hair loss concerns and issues.

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