neograft fue hair transplants raleigh ncIt has been forty years since Jernigan’s Hair Replacement Clinic was started. The whole intent was to help men and women with their hair loss. Susan Jernigan, the current owner recalls the beginning of her parents business. They grew their business one client at a time and continued to look to the latest techniques and technology available to provide the best hair replacement solutions.

When hair transplantation came on the scene many years ago it presented unnatural and pluggy results, but those days are now gone for good. Today the results are very natural and can give back the look and feel of a client’s natural hair had before they started experiencing hair loss. Hair transplantation has become another option for those who qualify and don’t want to wear a hair replacement piece.

Jernigan’s has credibility that gives clients confidence and reassurance that their decision is the right decision for them. For over two decades now they have continued to give expertise and reputation to transplant patients across our region.

Hair transplants have become more mainstream, the hair transplant practice at Jernigan’s Hair Replacement Clinic has grown and their clients come from as far away as Europe and Asia and often for multiple treatments. This procedure can be extremely satisfying and rewarding to help those that qualify to re-grow their own permanent hair!