european hair wigs raleigh ncIf you suffer from trichotillomania or are going through cancer chemotherapy treatments you are probably worried about losing your hair or trying to hide the bald areas that have developed. Both conditions can cause women to feel self-conscious about their hair and that really can affect their self-esteem.

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

Just hearing you have cancer is scary enough but then starting chemotherapy treatment can be a destabilizing time. Anticipating your hair loss only adds to the anxiety you could be facing. Some cancer treatments can cause more hair loss than others. After just a few treatments you will begin to notice your hair falling out slowly and sometimes in clumps.

Trichotillomania Hair Pulling

Trichotillomania is a hair-pulling disorder that affects millions of people and to different degrees. This condition can lead to large bald patches and even a receding hairline. The good news is often this type of hair loss can be just temporary unless the hair follicle is damaged and is no longer able to grow hair. Even though the hair loss trichotillomania suffers have is often not permanent it does take a while for it to grow back. If your hair loss is permanent due to damage to the hair follicles, we offer hair replacements for women that moves and feels like natural hair.

The Right Wig Can Make All the Difference

When women suffer from hair loss from chemotherapy or even Trichotillomania the negative effects go beyond having baldness. Women’s medical wigs for trichotillomania, chemotherapy, and alopecia today are so vastly different from decades past. Medical grade wigs are means to be worn by those with very little to no hair. They are comfortable and designed to fit your scalp shape. The hair is real human hair so what you get is a wig that is so natural.

There are even wigs that are open-frame capless, giving them a cool and light design. Synthetic hair fibers have been developed to replicate human hair so closely that it can be difficult to tell the difference. The synthetic hair moves freely and it gives you styling flexibility.

When it comes to wigs the biggest hurdle is deciding to go with synthetic fibers or one made from human hair. Synthetic wigs are typically more affordable, while human hair wigs can run quite a bit more. If you can figure out the length of time during the day you will be wearing a wig throughout the day, then choosing the right kind of wig can be a little easier.

We have compiled a list of differences to help you know the advantages of both:

Synthetic Wigs

• Less expensive
• Always come pre-styled and ready-to-wear.
• High-quality synthetic fibers feel and look like natural hair without the need for salon restyling.
• Easier care and maintenance than human hair wigs.
• Style and color are unaffected by washing or environmental factors, like sunlight or humidity.

Human Hair Wigs

• More expensive than a synthetic wig.
• Functions like your own hair. It can be curled, straightened, and styled as you would your natural hair.
• It can be custom cut and colored.
• Can handle the heat from styling tools.

There is no reason for women today to have to suffer from female hair loss. We would be happy to assist you in making the right decision for your type of hair loss.