Raleigh NC Wigs Alopecia ChemotherapyLet’s face it, in almost any frustration moment you can hear someone say they feel like they want to pull their hair out. Most of don’t actually do that, it’s just something we say. There is a phenomenon of individuals that twist their hair, bite it and even pull it out. It’s caused by a stress disorder known at trichotillomania. This condition can lead to significant and in some cases permanent hair loss. You might wonder how widespread is this disease? What causes it? Can it be cured? We can provide some insight into this condition and it’s potential treatments.

Who is Impacted by Trichotillomania?
There are estimates that as many as 2.5 million American struggle with trichotillomania. That is a large number of people inflected with this disorder and yet many people are unaware of what it is.

A majority of people that have this disorder are women but some men have it as well. Anyone could be impacted by trichotillomania, which it is important for everyone to have at least some awareness of it.

More About the Condition
While trichotillomania in known as a form of compulsive hair pulling, those who suffer from it often pull hair from their scalp and some pull hair out from their eyebrows as well.

Why do some people get this disorder? Sadly science is not clear on this question yet. No one cause has been identified but it is believed to be related to stress. Hereditary and environmental factors may also play a role in it. Trichotillomania doesn’t just leave patchy bald spots on your scalp but it also does immense scarring to the hair follicles. This can cause the hair loss to be permanent and makes it urgent to find potential treatments that are available.

Treating Trichotillomania
This condition can be effectively mitigated. The first step recommended is that you get the proper diagnosis and speak with your doctor about therapy. This is really the most effect way to train your behavior to resist the hair pulling impulses.

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