For a variety of reasons some men and women find they are not suitable for a surgical hair transplant. There are others that are simply not willing to do the surgical route. There is an alternative that is very popular worldwide. It doesn’t matter if your hair loss is mild or in an advanced stage, a custom non-surgical hair replacement system is a great way to go.

mens hair loss replacement restoation raleigh ncDon’t think for a second that just because you’re not going the surgical method that you have to sacrifice your active lifestyle, or undergo painful procedures with hair replacement. One of the amazing aspects of custom non-surgical hair replacement is that you can add hair just where you need it. We can recreate a natural hairline, fill in the sides or give you more hair on the crown area of your scalp.

You may be asking just who are viable candidates for a custom non-surgical hair replacement solution? Here are just a few examples that qualify:

  • Women suffering from female pattern baldness
  • Non-surgical men’s hair replacement for men suffering from male pattern baldness
  • Those with Alopecia Areata with unpredictable hair loss
  • Severe degree of baldness
  • Those who may not have enough existing donor hair to serve as donor areas for hair transplants.
  • Individuals who are looking for instant solutions to cover areas of hair loss and baldness.
  • Those who need to cover areas of baldness where hair transplants are not able to cover those with widespread thinning hair and baldness.

Non-surgical hair replacements are also good for those who have not had much success with medical treatments or topical solutions. Alopecia, a common autoimmune disorder that affects millions of men and women with unpredictable hair loss can find that in just one afternoon they can once again have a full head of hair.

Cancer patients that have or are in the process of undergoing chemotherapy treatments can suffer excessive amounts of hair loss. This is another area that custom hair replacements are a great solution.

What to Expect from a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

Let’s take a look at what you could expect from a custom non-surgical hair replacement system. The best results are achieved through techniques that create a totally natural-looking hairline and give a look at individual hairs emanating from your scalp.

We also gradually progress with hair density from the leading edge of the hairline through the temporal area. This follows the same way natural hair grows. Your end result is a perfect hairline and hair that replenishes the missing hair from the crown area. You get a flawless hair replacement that is undetectable even up close.

The results that can be achieved are amazing and safe. Most find that are unable to determine their own growing hair from the newly implanted hair. You are free to be in strong winds, swim, and take showers and nobody will be able to tell you were losing your hair.

Hair replacement solutions are just one type of treatment we offer men and women with thinning hair. If you have hair loss and looking for treatment options, then give us a call to set up a free hair loss consultation.